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2020 Visioning Journey 

Hello Beautiful Soul,  

Thank you for spending  a few moments dreaming with us …

Dreaming and focusing on the beautiful world we all know in our hearts in possible…

What we focus on grows and becomes stronger

And our intention creates reality 

We don’t need to know the how, as long as we know what it is we dream about, so we can dream it into being

By bringing our focus and intention together, our manifestation power becomes so much stronger

Our shared enthusiasm and excitement for the future works like a magnet, increasing our manifestation power manifold.

Thank you for a few minutes  of dreaming  BIG together!

Many inspiring souls have contributed to this video,  thank you Karin Monster-Peters, Caroline Palmy, Sue Ellis Saller, Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger, Karina Ladet, Lysa-Ann Black and Jenny Slater.

You can read their full contributions below.

Music:  Sneeuwland by Oskar Schuster 
Video Footage by Kelly M Lacy, James Cheney, David Clausen, Taryn Elliott

Images by Pawel Nolbert, Simon Rae, Masaaki Komori, Sponchia, Galina N, Monika Grabkowska, Pitsch, JoseAlbaPhotos, Ina Hoekstra, Joana Kosinska

Open hearts, open arms, open doors,
Forest floors thrive with new growth,

The realisation of dreams, fresh air, clear water, sweet earth,
cleansing fires have brought rebirth,

New children, all-knowing, help with the growing,
opening of Our Divine Truth…. connections of hearts… inter species communication.. leads the way..

Peace, Joy, Love, Abundance, Unity.
All these words birthing Community…

In short, my wish For All Things is Unity”

Jenny Slater |  Nature & Soul Retreats

May all beings feel peaceful, present and come home to who they are. May our Sacred Earth and all of creation return to a state of balance and vibrant health. May we all know we are loved, supported and whole as we are.

Karina Ladet |  Intuitive Channel and Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs

When I feel into my heart and see Mother Earth and all that lives and thrives within her…I connect to the intention and vision for a more connected compassionate world. A world where we CHOOSE to see, where we CHOOSE to listen, and where we CHOOSE to love.

No looking away from those in need. No closing our ears to the plead of those who ask for support, and not closing our hearts to not feel the pain of others…the pain of other humans, the pain of animals or the pain of Mother Earth.

Karin Monster-Peters |  Healer & Mentor for Highly Sensitive Souls

My wish is for us all feel so safe and so loved that we can stand up, speak up and take action to honor ourselves. Honoring ourselves and protecting the sovereignty of our souls is how we make this heaven on earth & allow our presence to invite everyone near us to a deep remembrance of their right to the same!

Lysa-Ann Black |  Healer Author & Business Mentor

I imagine a future where we’ve shifted from lack to enough, because there is enough. A world without war and hunger… one where we’ve realized we are all one and one with the planet as well. One where we’ve healed ourselves and where we respect animals, plants, and others simply because they are alive. It’s a shift, for sure, but one that is easy if we only try.

Sue Ellis Saller |  Spiritual Advisor and Business Mentor

“Whenever I tune into my vision, I get to see images of artists, people celebrating, painting, dancing and enjoying themselves together… people deeply connected with themselves, nature and Mother Earth… people who are present, conscious and full of joy and life force… people who enjoy being on this planet and expressing their creativity in whatever form brings them most satisfaction.”

Deborah Kindermann-Zeilinger |  Channel & Intuitive Healer

“I look forward to the day, in the not too distant future, when every human on this earth has come back to love.
When we all shine out of our hearts with love and compassion.
Where there is understanding and love.
A time we all come together, where we support each other, where we hold hands and celebrate each other, a time where we collaborate and work together.
The time where the world is one, and we all connect from heart to heart, where we support each other, and bring our light to the world.
A time we sit together and see our similarities, and treasure our uniqueness, a time we enjoy, ask for help and discuss and explain our way of feeling and thinking. A time we listen with all our heart to what the others’ ideas are, a world where we all are allowed to shine in our own colour, like a beautiful rainbow come together.
Togetherness, collaboration, connected loving and understood accepted and loved.
A world where we humans live together with all living things, the animal and plants, and we take care of each other, we look after each other, and are deeply grateful for the fruits and vegetables we harvest with the help of nature and animals.
We are all in this together, and we can make it happen.
We have it in all of us, tap onto your heart and feel it.
This time is now.
Be the light, be the love be the compassionate person and bring it forward, as we shine and share the love we ignite and allow others to do the same.”

Caroline Palmy |  Author – Speaker – Healer

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