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uplifting & inspiring

Recharge your inner well with calm, beauty and the peace of nature

I love these videos! The soft, calming and uplifting music deeply relaxes and the stunning nature scenery calms my  mind and refreshes me. The first video is very special for me, it is a beautiful journey of music and nature images created by my dear friend Petar and shared on his youtube channel  the Silent Watcher.  In his own words, his videos help in healing and rebalancing of the mind, body and spirit through the audio-visual experience of moments of peace, clarity and relaxation; of inspiration, freedom and joy.  The next couple of  videos are by Pedar B Helland from Norway, you can find more of his work on his youtube channel Soothing Relaxation.

beautiful  nature and natural sounds

We don’t always have the opportunity to go out into nature, but that does not mean we can’t recharge with nature’s help. These wonderful videos are like a mini retreat into nature, high quality nature sounds with beautiful imagery, recorded by my dear friend Petar, mostly in Bulgaria, the beautiful country where I now live. See more similar videos on Petar’s youtube channel  the Silent Watcher

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