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trust your heart – in art & life

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve started to feel very attracted to art and creating. A sort of silence and space had appeared in my life because I had let go of something else that was not going to move forward. I felt the deep longing to withdraw and reflect, for quiet moments of writing, drawing and painting.

I’ve wanted to draw and paint my whole life. But I have never really gone for it. One of the things I have struggled with and still struggle with today is: What’s the point? I want to make a difference, how is creating a couple of drawings going to make a difference?

It’s exactly this that Charles Eisenstein, one of the great thinkers of our time (author of the More Beautiful World We All Know in Our Hearts is Possible) is talking about in a short video accompanied by art by Edie Art. (Scroll further down for the video).

One of the key points is:

We have to be able to do things not always knowing what the point is.

He explains how we know a more beautiful world is possible, but we don’t know how to get there. We don’t have a road map because a road map would be based on what we already know. We need to be able to go BEYOND THE KNOWN.

The linear mind is very much about the known. It is the linear mind that tells us following our heart is not going help us solve the world’s problems.

But Charles asks us to pause and consider that we still understand very little about cause and effect in this world. In fact, many spiritual teachings and also leading edge quantum physics are pointing to the staggering possibility that our energy, our vibration, how we FEEL is most core to causality.

When you listen to your heart it tells you what you most want to do. And when you do that you come ALIVE.

If we accept and deeply realize that being alive and sharing your gifts has a huge effect energetically, it becomes crucially important and very much OK to trust what makes you come alive.

Your heart is a valid source of information to guide your choices.

Enjoy this beautiful video, I hope it helps you to continue to follow your heart, in art and life, if you are not feeling things right now.



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