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New ideas are fragile

New beginnings and new ideas are fragile. They start as vulnerable sprouts, shyly finding their way out of the ground and up.

Have you started to get an inkling of what you’d love to do with your life? Are you starting to feel a small spark in your heart, an idea, a possibility that warms your hearts and gets you very excited? You heart & soul are calling you, trying to get your attention. This is a vulnerable period, and these small beginnings are delicate. Your idea needs to be nurtured and protected, so that it can develop and grow.

Protect & nurture your idea

And so it’s sometimes wise to be a little careful when you share your ideas And to think well about who you discuss your new ideas with. It can be wonderful to share with close friends and to be cheered on.  It is also helpful to bounce your ideas off other people to receive feedback and they may have some very useful insights and ideas for you to help you to the next step. But not everyone is so open minded, or will see the potential like you do. So don’t be surprised if not everyone is enthusiastic. It is your idea, your passion, your calling. Others can’t see the picture that is starting to form in your head, probably you can’t even see the whole picture yourself right now. Some people also don’t like it if others break free or start following their heart. Because it means they can and should too, get out of their comfort zone. Not everyone is ready to do that.  And to help them feel better about themselves, they may prefer if you’d stay stuck as well. So please believe in your calling, in what your heart is whispering to you. If others don’t get excited, or tell you it’s not possible, thank them for their feedback, and try not to be affected by it. Their opinion doesn’t mean anything. It may not be possible for them to do what you’d like to do, but that is because it’s not their path. Try not to value your ideas and their potential based on the reaction or opinion of others.  Everything is possible for you.

This is your path and your journey and everything YOU’d like to achieve is possible.

Focus your mind on your goal, keep your spirits high, and listen to your intuition and keep an eye out for the signs, hints and help coming from the universe through synchronicity.   

 Your idea will evolve

When your heart starts to speak to you, when you start to feel the pull, it is likely that it will not be a fully formed idea, a step by step plan, ready to implement. There will be soft whisperings, a longing, and visions of possibilities. In this precious early stage try not to focus too much on the details. Please accept that your idea is not perfect from the start, it will likely still evolve, it may go off in the wrong direction for a while, and you will likely learn valuable lesson that will help you to change direction, see new options, turning towards the best conditions for growth, abundance , that sweet spot where you will thrive. So, stick with the general idea for a while and don’t worry about having to know all the details right now.

Be patient – these things take time

Please be patient – growth and development takes time. At first it may seem overwhelming to make your idea happen. There may be unknowns, there may be many questions that you don’t have the answers for. That’s OK. Everything in its time. Try to stay with the positive emotions of the dream, the enthusiasm and the inspiration. Create a clear vision of how you’d like to feel, doing what you love, and leave the details to the universe and synchronicity. Be in high spirits so that your intuition can speak to you and answers and insight can come to you. Little by little, small step by small step you will get there. Time will pass anyway.

It is amazing how little can be done in a day but how much in a year.

In a little while you will look back at your life and you will be amazed at what you have achieved. From this place of feeling good, doing what you love, you will be an inspiration – by your example you will help others do the same. Start to create your heart-shaped life today!

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