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New Habit Tracker – free printable

They say you need to do something for 30 days, and then a new habit has formed, and in my experience that is true!  Using a little calendar has helped me a lot in staying on track with my promises to myself, whether it’s meditating every day, working on a project that is important for me, or taking a herbal supplement!

It makes it that little more official and you will see when you miss a day, a little accountability partner in paper form :)

You can start with this tracker on any day, and continue your new habit for at least 30 days, and after that it will most likely be second nature and something you are reaping the benefits of.

Feel like getting a little creative?  Colour your own Habit Tracker for extra intention

I have created two versions, one is black & white and a colouring page and the other version is in colour.

If you have the time and feel like it, you can get your coloured pencils or markers out and colour the little illustrations. Add extra details if you feel like it; draw and doodle to make it happy and colourful: the more beautiful and personal your Habit Tracker becomes, the easier it will be to get excited and inspired about doing this, and the more intention you put into making this work for you. 

But if you don’t feel like doing that right now, don’t let it stop you getting started ;) Not everyone likes to colour things ;)  for you I have the colour version or you can use the black & white version as it is.

Download the Habit Tracker – colour version

Download the Habit Tracker – Black & White version

Incentives – little gifts for yourself

Establishing a new habit can be a challenge, so why not promise yourself some little gifts  along the way as incentives to keep you on track and super motivated to stick at it.

How about a lovely magazine you enjoy after one week, a special type of relaxing tea after two weeks, and a beautiful book once the 30 days are over?  

Good luck and if you feel like sharing, I would love to hear what your experiences are in establishing a new habit ♥

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