Field Guide To Now – Book Tip

Christina’s writings are like poetry, and her observations of her world delicate and raw at the same time. She reminds us that now is where the beauty is found, now is the moment to pay attention, now is the moment to take action, to continue on that journey of creating your heart-shaped life.

Caroline Palmy’s Heart-shaped Life

Caroline shares how she started her own business and how things developed from there. Over the years she followed her intuition more and more, stepping into her own power. Today she is the author of two books and helps others step into confidence, purpose and full self worth.

Creating Space in Your Life

How to create more time in your days to focus and work on the things you’d like to manifest. Takings small steps is enough, because one thing can lead to the other. So finding space for a small step is all you really need to start creating the life you dream of…

Angela Maree’s Heart-shaped Life

We talk about her journey of self-love and healing, and how that helped her business evolve and grow. We also discuss using your intuition in your biz, how being an introvert and empath shapes how she does business, and her top tips for creating a Biz and Life from your Heart.

New Habit Tracker – Free Printable

They say you need to do something for 30 days, and then a new habit has formed. Use this printable to stay on track with your promise to yourself, whether it’s meditating every day or working on a project that is important for you.

A conversation with Marianne McGuire

Marianne shares about connection, letting go, self-care, finding your purpose and becoming a mother. Marianne is a coach, healer and painter living in beautiful green Ireland. Learn more about how she created her heart-shaped life in this heart to heart chat!

Create your Dream Story

Writing a Dream Story is a powerful technique that I have used to manifest my dreams. Our imagination is the most powerful tool we have to create our dream life. By simply writing down what we dream about we can manifest the life we dream of into being.

How to protect and nurture your new ideas

New beginnings and new ideas are fragile. Have you started to get an inkling of what you’d love to do with your life? You heart & soul are calling you, trying to get your attention. Your idea needs to be nurtured and protected, so that it can develop and grow.

Can we change the world by becoming ridiculously happy?

How can we move forward and go to the beautiful world we know in our hearts is possible? In this post I share how I feel creating your own heart-shaped life will not only make you ridiculously happy, but also makes a difference for all beings on this beautiful planet.

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