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Illustration & printable Usage Terms & Conditions

The Illustrations and printables created by HeartShaped life and specificly made available as free downloads can be used freely for personal use, and also for  some commercial uses, like for sharing the illustrations online on social media and in Facebook groups, sharing them in a newsletter, or in an email.

I would be grateful for a mention but it’s not required :)

If you’d like to use the illustrations in an e-book, please write to me and share what you are planning to do so I can tell you if I’m ok with that, in most cases I will be, especially if you’re doing something good for the world with what you do :)

Please don’t include or embed the illustrations into products intended for sale without my prior written permission

Please don’t make the illustrations available for download on any other site, or in any other way.

Please don’t use the illustrations to create print on demand products.

Copyright of the illustrations & printables remains with 


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