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Heart-shaped Life

in a nutshell

Choosing to live a heart-shaped life means embarking on an
exciting and wonder-filled adventure.

Our travels take us through a number of “realms” on a continuous cyclical journey, in an ever upwards directed spiral of deepening our understanding, enhancing the quality of our lives and raising our vibration.

the 7 realms

map compass

realms journey map

purpose & vision

what will happen in the community

purpose & vision

community culture & guidelines

the 7 realms

intention-realm heart-shaped life

the 1st realm – intentional living

Living your Purpose & Dreams

Without intention, our days and weeks are filled up with other people’s requests and priorities. By getting clear on what it is you’d like to do, you tell the universe too and helpful “coincidences”  will start to line up for you.

Living with intention is about tuning in with your heart on a regular basis to reflect and feel into what it is you need and want to do right now. This can be as simple as needing more rest, incubation or cocooning or it can be taking the next steps to move a project forward that you are on fire about right now… 

Being intentional is key in creating your life your way and the secret of those that succeed in making their projects succesful and their dreams come true. In the Heart-shaped life community we encourage and inspire each other to master intentional living.

the 2nd realm – the heart

Intuition & Inner Wisdom

Our heart is the seat of our soul and our portal to our inner wisdom and guidance, our ever present, very best and free life coach. Tuning into the guidance of our heart gives us a compass on our journey of living our purpose and sharing our gifts.

Hearing the whispers of your heart can be challenging in our current society, we are forever kept busy and distracted. 

In the Heart-shaped Life community we explore ways to make the guidance of our heart a powerful voice and guiding light to create deeply satisfying, balanced and joyful lives in touch with nature, spirit and the beauty of everyday moments.

3rd Realm-NATURE

the 3rd realm – nature

Rooted in the living world

When we are still and present in nature we can sense the energy that is underlying everything. Nature connects you to your essence and is deeply nurturing,  healing and invigorating for your body, mind and soul.

In this community we celebrate our beautiful earth home and learn to bring nature into our live in many different ways.

Deeply rooted in and connected to earth we are powerful to create change in our own life and in the world.

the 4th realm – the now

Enchanted Everyday Life

Although we have plenty of dreams for the future, both for ourself and for the world, we also want to fully embrace the now and all the beauty and joy it offers.

We help each other tap into light-heartedness, mindfulness and self-care to create a quality of life where we can thrive. Creativity, art and craft is a part of this too!

It is the small things that make life big and we celebrate the small and light-hearted things in this community, and inspire each other to be fully in the now to make the most of the everyday.


the 5th realm – wholeness

Authenticity & Human-kindness

The feeling of being not good enough is strong for many of us, we may have received these messages in school, in our family, or in society or our wider community. Our inner voice is often more an inner critic than inner coach. As a result, not everyone is comfortable showing or being their true self. And we often judge others like we judge ourselves..

In this group we inspire and encourage each other to explore who we truly are and support each other in being our authentic self.  We support each other in showing up and sharing what is in our heart in a community of kindred supportive souls  We also practice “human-kindness”: being kind-hearted to others and ourselves, and embracing & accepting what it means to be human with compassion, forgiveness and love.

Through thought-provoking questions, fun excercises and challenges and discussions in the group you’ll get more insight into who you are, what is holding you back and what can help you move forward.  

the 6th realm – spirituality

Unity, Energy & Co-Creation

Science is now confirming what the saints and sages have shared with us for millenia; everything around us is  energy/consciousness and we are all One.

But most of society is not aware of the energetic nature of reality and all its implications and potential. In this group we are excited to explore spirituality, unity and energy and what it means for our individual lives and for the world.

It can be easy to forget about our creative powers and the magic that is all around us when we are kept busy & distracted in our everyday lives.  

In this community we explore the magic and remind each other of the gifts and potential that is available to us to create a beautiful joyful life and a new and better world for all.

Spirituality Realm

the 7th realm – community

Connection & Belonging

We  humans are wired for connection and a supportive community around us helps us to thrive. When we are encouraged, inspired, celebrated, witnessed and held on your journey by a supportive tribe it’s so much easier to stay inspired and excited about following our heart and showing up as our true self in the world.  

When held by a community of like-minded souls, we can achieve things that we can’t easily do on our own. This is the magic of a community of kindred souls!

Although belonging and connection is something we’re creating together in the online and energetic space that is the Heart-shaped life Circle, together we’ll also explore ways to connect more closely to our social circle of family, friends and neighbours.

All of this helps to nurture a deep sense of belonging and community in our lives, and makes the world a better place.

the 7 realms map

On mobile, click on the map to zoom in and look around…

what happens in the community

 From October I will start with offering monthly themes. These consists of 4 weeks around a theme with one subtopic per week, with an activity/challenge and discussion, examples, polls. Some of the ideas for monthly themes include: “Human-kindness”, Intuition, Creativity, Rest, Rewilding, Gratitude, Quantum physics, Active Imagination, the list is endless. It goes without saying that I’m always open to ideas from the community on themes!

Of course the floor is also always open for members to bring up any other topic or conversation or challenge that is not related to the monthly theme. The monthly theme allows us to dive deeper into some things, but there will also be other conversations happening depending on what is alive in us right then.

These are the planned regular items:

monthly Zoom circle meet-ups
monthly intention/reflection workbooks/printables (PDF)
weekly intention posts to help you with goal setting,
invitations to share about what you are creating for your business or leisure,   and to ask for feedback,
interviews with inspiring people creating their Heart-shaped life
book reviews

There will also be a two weekly book discussion group. With Flora as our guide we will embark on a journey to SELF through the book “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. Flora has run this book club with life transforming results for the participants over the past two years, so we are very excited about her offering it within the Heart-shaped life Circle.

About Women who run with the Wolves:

Women who run with the Wolves is a seminal work on the inner life of women. A creation of poetry and power, it began a revolution and continues to transform the lives of millions around the world. 


Clarissa Pinkola Estes reveals how within every woman there lives a Wild Woman, filled with passionate creativity and ageless knowing, but repressed for centuries by a value system that trivializes emotional truth, intuitive wisdom and instinctual self-confidence. Clarissa’s book shows how, through the interpretation of story and her psychological commentary, we can reclaim and rejoice in our true feminine power – how we can awaken within the depths of our souls one who is both magic and medicine”.

community culture & guidelines

These Community Culture Guidelines are here to help us co-create a safe and sacred space together.

The aim of our Circle is to support and inspire each other in:

Following our heart;

Stepping into the power of our authentic self;

Creating meaningful, balanced and joyful lives in touch with Nature, Spirit and the Beauty of Everyday Moments,

so that we can:

Live our Purpose and Share our Gifts;

Thrive in Changing Times;

Be co-creators of a New and Better World.

Inner wisdom

saying yes to your dreams & purpose

By saying yes to the heart-shaped life circle, and by saying yes to the community guidelines and culture, you are really saying YES to your dreams. You say YES to bringing out your potential, living your purpose and why you came here to this planet at this time; to thrive, to share your gifts and make a difference.

I believe that many of the things you need to do to create your heart-shaped life are not rocket science, they are simple things that are enjoyable and make your life better. However, the world around us can be overwhelming, distracting and paralyzing. There is nothing more effective and helpful than a loving and supportive community of like-minded souls on a similar journey to stay engaged, excited and empowered to create your best life and be what you came here to be!

The key to success is your participation in the group process, your contributions to the conversations and your courage to show up and share. Saying YES to this group is really saying YES to yourself. You will get out of this group what you put into it multiplied many times.

At the same time we are sensitive people, the world around us affects us deeply and we are deep processors of experiences, thoughts and feelings. We need time off and time to recover from things. Many of us are also processing and releasing trauma in the special times we are living in right now, which can be intense. So we can’t always be there in the group and respond to everything. But our promise to each other is that we will keep coming back and turning up and be present for each other when we can. And it is also good to keep in mind that especially during challenging times, we want to be there for each other and you can ask for support or just share what you are going through, just to be seen, heard and held.

Posts don’t have to be perfect, they can be raw, messy, tear-filled and desperate too. The important thing is that we want to be there for each other, and say yes to each other. Yes, we are here together. And yes, everyone’s life, experiences and feelings matter to us as group.

Inner wisdom

a sacred & safe virtual space

To create the sacred container where positive change and transformation can happen for us, it’s good to remember that we are in a virtual space where we don’t look each other in the eyes and we aren’t physically together when we post & share vulnerable things with each other. We also don’t always have an immediate answer, idea or reply ready. And we don’t want anyone to feel forced to reply with something substantial when that doesn’t come naturally. To nonetheless help us create a safe virtual space where we feel heard, witnessed and acknowledged when sharing we can make  promises to each other…

  • We promise each other to be present in the group a couple of times per week to read the posts & comments of our fellow circle members when we feel emotionally and energetically able to do so;
  • We promise to respond to each other’s posts & shares whenever possible.  When time is short or no words are coming, even just a couple of words can make a huge difference for someone who feels vulnerable about sharing;  “Thank you for sharing ”, “I hear you”, “This makes me think” , “Well done for putting this down into a post”,  or replying with a few icons.  It’s similar to a nod or supportive eye contact during a real life circle, even though nothing is said directly. Of course we don’t always have time or space, or even the words to respond. Or we may need time to think & reflect before responding, and that is perfectly ok. But when we have the intention to support each other and be there for each other as a group, we can trust there will always be someone to listen and respond in every moment, while at the same time there is no expectation for everyone to respond to everything all the time. 

Other things that can help us connect on a deeper level with each other:


  • Share from our own experiences with our own stories, by creating our own posts, or by responding to others’ posts, to help us dive deeper into the topic and bring out the group’s wisdom for all to benefit from;
  • When feeling the nudge – we can ask questions in response to sharings. Questions can help us go deeper and get more clarity about what is going on, what is holding us back. It can lead to breakthroughs and new realizations. A question can sometimes be more powerful than any other response to help someone move forward.;
  • Share from a personal perspective; I feel, I think, I experience… We all have unique perspectives and experiences in our lives, creating our own personal truths and our own unique reality. These are all important and valid. We can acknowledge all of these personal truths and create belonging and a space for them to co-exist by avoiding generalizations that might not resonate with others’ experiences.

some common sense ethics

  • In general, to cheer people on, celebrate with them, and support them on their journey.
  • To be respectful, kind and compassionate in our interactions with each other.

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