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Heart-shaped Life Program

Create your Dream Life & Biz from your Heart !

Hello Beautiful Soul, are you …


Dreaming about Doing what you Love every day, sharing your gifts with the world?


Longing for more Balance, Presence and Magic in your life?


Wishing for more Joy, Abundance and Freedom, and Time to just BE?

But instead, does it feel like …


You are not Living your Purpose, and not doing what you are here for?


There is never enough Time and you often feel Rushed & Overwhelmed


You have no idea how to Change your Life for the Better because it feels Impossible to add more things to your To Do List …

What if it is easier than you think? 

If starting to create your dream life starts with taking better care of yourself, and taking the breaks and doing the things you heart tells you you want to do?

By using the power of your intention and imagination to attract opportunities and openings, to manifest possibilities?

If it will not mean working even harder, but actually starting to create a life of more balance and relaxation, following your joy?

By following your heart and doing what you love, you light up  your soul and the world, bringing blessings all around.  

Are you ready to shine your light for the whole world to see? 

The world needs people like you to be radiant, powerful and happy!

How the Heart-shaped Life Program helps you to create your Dream Life & Biz 

(and a small step is all that’s needed to get started …)

1. Discover Beautiful & Unique YOU

If you are still unsure what your dream life would look like, and you are unsure about your purpose, the Heart-shaped Life program can help you.

Explore your passions, interests, skills and talents with a set of beautifully designed worksheets that will create a picture of gorgeous and unique YOU. 

Combined with the manifestation magic practises, this journey will help you clarify where you’d like to go and what you’d like to do with your life. 

2. Create your Vision

Our intention and imagination, coupled with our feelings are incredibly powerful tools that everyone has to help them manifest the life they are longing for, but only very few people use these tools every day. 

In fact, only the people that realize their dreams do…

Create your Dream story to focus on your vision every day to bring it about. Don’t worry if you are not 100% sure yet what you’d like to do with your life, the Heart-shaped life program can help you get that clear and it won’t stop you from starting with your Dream Story! 


3. Manifestation Magic …

The secret ingredients that bring it all together and make it work are the Manifestation Magic practices. 

These practices are not rocket science and easy to start with, but will give you something invaluable: a direct connection to you most reliable mentor & coach: your intuition, aka your higher self. 

Start connecting with nature & your soul, bringing you more presence, balance and the best ideas and life and business advice you could wish for!  AND open the door to synchronicity, opportunities and amazing coincidences!  

Start Today with Creating your Heart-Shaped Life !

This program is offered for free –  If you find it useful you can donate something later, or help by spreading the word.

I dream of a world where we can all share our gifts freely without having to worry about “making a living”  – Offering this program in this way is my little contribution to making that world a reality.

Join now by registering below!

You will get immediate access to the Heart-shaped Life Program and receive the Heart-shaped life Newsletter with Inspiration, free radiant images, tips & resources to create your Dream Life & Biz from your Heart:

I’m excited to support you on your heart-shaped life journey!

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