heart-shaped life circle

live your purpose, share your gifts, thrive in changing times

Hello beautiful soul!

Are you ready to say YES to
bringing out your potential,
living your purpose,
and sharing your gifts?

to Thrive, and to make a Difference?

in the Heart-shaped Life Circle we inspire and support each other,
to create big change, in our own lives and in the world


Life can be overwhelming, distracting and draining…

There is nothing more effective and helpful than a loving and supportive community of like-minded souls to help you stay
engaged, excited and empowered
about what matters to YOU,
to create your best life and be what you came here to be…

a powerful changemaker!

JOIN US and embark on an
exciting & wonder-filled adventure

a warm welcome awaits you!

what this circle is about

the topics we LOVE and dip in and out of in our community:

purpose & vision

intentional living

living your purpose & dreams

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Without intention, our days and weeks are filled up with other people’s requests and priorities. By getting clear on what it is you’d like to do, you tell the universe too and helpful “coincidences” will start to line up for you.

Being intentional is key in creating your life your way and the secret of those that succeed in making their projects successful and their dreams come true. In the Heart-shaped life community we encourage and inspire each other to master intentional living.

the heart

the heart

intuition & inner wisdom

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Our heart is the seat of our soul, the portal to our inner wisdom and guidance, and our ever present, very best and free life coach. Tuning into the guidance of our heart gives us a compass on the journey of living our purpose and sharing our gifts.

In the Heart-shaped Life community we explore ways to make the guidance of our heart a powerful voice and guiding light to create deeply satisfying, balanced and joyful lives in touch with nature, spirit and the beauty of everyday moments.


rooted in the living world

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When we are still and present in nature we can sense the energy that is underlying everything. Nature connects us to our essence and is deeply nurturing, healing and invigorating for our body, mind and soul. 

In this community we celebrate our beautiful earth home and learn to bring nature into our lives in many different ways.

the now

enchanted everyday life

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Although we have plenty of dreams for the future, both for ourselves and for the world, we also want to fully embrace the now and all the beauty and joy it offers.

We help each other tap into light-heartedness, mindfulness and self-care to create a quality of life where we can thrive. Creativity, art and craft is a part of this too!


authenticity & human-kindness

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The feeling of being not good enough is strong for many of us, we may have received these messages in school, in our family, or in society or our wider community. Our inner voice is often more an inner critic than inner coach. As a result, not everyone is comfortable showing or being their true self. And we often judge others like we judge ourselves. 

In this group we inspire and encourage each other to explore who we truly are and support each other in being our authentic self.  We do this by showing up and sharing what is in our heart in a community of kindred supportive souls  We also practice “human-kindness”: being kind-hearted to others and ourselves, and embracing & accepting what it means to be human with compassion, forgiveness and love.


unity, energy & co-creation

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Science is now confirming what the saints and sages have shared with us for millenia; everything around us is energy/consciousness and we are all One. But most of society is not aware of the energetic nature of reality and all its implications and potential.

In this group we are excited to explore spirituality, metaphysics, unity and energy and what these mean for our individual lives and for the world.


connection & belonging

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We humans are wired for connection and a supportive community around us helps us to thrive. When we are encouraged, inspired, celebrated, witnessed and held on our journey by a supportive tribe it’s so much easier to stay inspired and excited about following our heart and showing up as our true self in the world and to achieve things that we can’t easily do on our own. This is the magic of a community of kindred souls!

Although belonging and connection is something we’re creating together in the online and energetic space that is the Heart-shaped life Circle, together we’ll also explore ways to connect more closely to family & friends and our local community.

what’s offered in the circle ?

Monthly themes & regular items…

Monthly themes help us dive deeper into topics and can include activities, challenges or invitations, beautiful printables and workbooks, discussion, examples, stories, polls and questions.

monthly Zoom circle meet-ups
weekly intention posts to help you with goal setting,
invitations to share about what you are creating for your business or leisure,   and to ask for feedback,
interviews with inspiring people creating their Heart-shaped life
conversations around books & book reviews

Heart-shaped life online community

A safe space to discuss, explore & get support…

Next to the monthly themes there are also other conversations happening depending on what is alive in us right then – any member can bring up any other topic in a post or ask questions to encourage conversation.

It goes without saying that we are always open to ideas from the community on Monthly themes too!

Our community is a safe space to recharge while being cocooned from the distractions of typical social media platforms (it’s not on facebook). Our group is on a professional community platform and fully private. You can connect from desktop, tablet and smartphone. 


“Women Who Run With The Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

A collaboration between Flora-The Wild Hearted Influencer and Helena with Heart-Shaped Life. In a sacred container, we deep dive into self-exploration through the myths and stories of the Wild Woman archetype.

This is a call to those who are ready to embark on a journey into SELF through the book “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. The book club discussion offers the opportunity to explore and connect to the ‘wild woman’, the feminine power within us that is innately healthy, passionate, and wise.

Participants have shared how Flora-The Wild Hearted Influencer has facilitated a sacred circle that has been life-transforming.

women who run with the wolves book discussion group

this is for you if …

Your are excited to make your dreams and personal growth a priority

You want to step into your authentic power & live your purpose

You’d love to be celebrated, supported and held by a group of kindred souls on a similar path

You are ready to create time & space for YOU

You are excited to share your stories and experiences and connect and explore on a deeper level

You understand that the magic will happen through your participation and co-creation of our community

You’re keen to honour your own truth while holding space for different perspectives & experiences

You love to connect more deeply with the beauty & magic of everyday moments and truly live

You are looking for ways to empower yourself to thrive and be of service in changing times

You love diversity. There are no set ideas about who this group is for and who can and can’t be part of this circle. Our ambition is to make every human being that resonates with what this circle is about belong

This community is here to help beautiful heart-centered souls like you
grow & bloom.

Even if our outer worlds shift and change, we can thrive, do what we love, and be what we came here to be; gifted co-creators and change makers.

Being a changemaker today needs you to be deeply rooted in the earth and in touch with the wisdom of your soul, so you can spread love, joy and light, simply by being who you are and doing what you love, wholeheartedly.

This community helps you to stay engaged with those things that
nourish you – support you – inspire you – empower you

A safe nurturing cocoon for you to Be and Do and Grow your dreams and vision.

Your host in the Heart-shaped Life Circle


Hi there, I’m Helena,

a sensitive & intuitive visionary with big dreams for the world…

I love bringing people and ideas together to inspire heart- shaped living and I’m always excited to explore new ways of thinking, doing and being.

I have always been in love with nature.  I spent hours bird watching and flower gazing as a young child, studied nature conservation and ecology in the Netherlands, and worked in national parks to help save rare butterflies in England.

In my early thirties my heart called me to explore even wilder ideas and places. I moved to the largely untouched landscapes of Bulgaria with my husband where I co-founded a community of  like-minded families in a beautiful village nestled in wild nature. I’m a home-schooling mum of a spirited sensitive flower fairy that runs free in the woods with her friends.  While being a young mother I created my own Heart-shaped Life by embracing my creativity; supporting women all over the world in spreading their messages with impact through light-filled websites, logo’s, images and illustrations.

I love growing flowers, picking wild herbs, embroidery, drumming with friends, dancing, books, books and more books and pondering the big questions of life around a fire.

The first beginnings of the Heart-shaped Life Circle go all the way back to 2016, but it took many years, notebooks full of scribbles and ideas, intuitive nudges and  plenty of wonderful synchronicities for it to crystalize into its current shape: an inspiring community to nurture powerful co-creators of the new.

Supporting and inspiring beautiful souls like you to
whole-heartedly live your dreams is my dream come true!!

Come create your heart-shaped life,
in our loving circle.

 Together we can create big change for ourselves and for the world, supported and held by a community of kindred hearts!

Are you ready to join us?

A warm welcome awaits you!

Heart-shaped Life Membership 


Limited time offer for new members joining now:

We are inviting inspired souls to join us in this magical moment of shifting our circle to the next level…
Do you feel the call to co-create the new for yourself and for the world?
Would you love to help grow and bloom this community?
Then join us now!

*** 90 day free trail period ***

First payment charged at the end of the free 90 day trial period,
you can cancel at any time during the trial period and no payment will be taken ♥

I look forward to connecting with you
and getting to know you in the circle!

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