Heart-shaped life Circle
Book discussion “Women who run with the wolves” 

a collaboration between Flora & Heart-shaped life


Welcome beautiful soul!

Thank you for your interest in joining the book discussion.
The Book Discussion is hosted by Heart-shaped life in their community, the Heart-shaped life Circle.

We invite you to have a look at what this community is about  –  you can read the full description here:

Heart-shaped Life Circle

 What is most important to be aware of before joining:

The aim of our community is to create a culture of kindness, open-mindedness and respect, especially towards people who believe or think differently or have different experiences. In this circle we’d like to transcend the current contrast in society to help shift to unity consciousness.

So if you energy is often drained by polarizing discussions & topics, this is for you! There are plenty of places where these conversations are happing right now so we won’t have them in our circle :)

 This is a safe nurturing space where we focus on what unites us – a desire to live from our heart and a vision for a thriving humanity on a flourishing planet.

If this resonates with you, welcome to our community :)

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