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Welcome, beautiful soul

Are you dreaming of doing what you love every day ?

Is your heart longing for more justice, more respect – for a humanity that is guided
by love and compassion?

Thriving, happy people doing what they love, living in harmony in beautiful natural surroundings.
I think it’s possible!

Everyone has a gift to share and I believe that through sharing your gifts
with the world you can lead a life you love that makes a difference.

I have realized my own dream life: I’m doing what I love, living in a magical place in nature

But my journey to getting here hasn’t always been smooth or easy.

Here, at the heart-shaped life I’m sharing my experience, and what I’ve learnt along the way – and the tools and techniques I have used over the years so you can do the same.

I’d love to inspire you, and cheer you on as you shift from waiting to creating the life you love.

Are you excited to create your Heart-shaped Life ?

you can start now by taking the following steps:


Read the about section of this website

So we can get to know each other and I can explain to you how this works :)

Create your vision

Create a clear, positive and inspiring vision for yourself of what you’d like your life and the world you live in to be like.

Make it happen

Implement new habits that will help you to manifest your vision fast: Make it Happen

Uplifting & Inspiring

Know where to find resources and inspiration when you lose your balance and need some gentle help in Uplifting & Inspiring

Spread the love

Be a beam of light & love  by sending free cards and images to friends and family who can use a bit of extra love and support. Spread positive images of hope on social media.  Help dream a beautiful world into being. What we focus on we manifest and create ♥

Stay in touch

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