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dream stories

A powerful tool to help you create the life you love,
live a life full of meaning and purpose, and make a difference

What is a dream story and how can it help you?

A Dream Story is a tool for manifesting your heart’s desires, both for you and for our our beautiful earth.

Do you long for a life where you do what you love every day?  Where you wake up excited and inspired in the morning, brimming with energy and joy? A life of sharing your gifts with the world,  helping & serving others by doing what you love?

Do you have a strong wish for a better world, a society where light and love are all around?  A society in balance with everything around us. Where planet earth is thriving, and we are guardians and keepers of that balance.

We are not there yet, but we can get there. For that we need a strong positive vision, a dream for a new future.

Our minds and our thoughts are the most powerful tools we have to make it happen.

Even if we don’t know how, with a clear vision that excites us we can dream a beautiful life and world into being.  We don’t need to worry about the details, knowing where we want to go and how that will feel is the key first step in manifestation.

The details will follow, through inspiration, intuition and syncronicities, all offered generously by the universe, or God, or however you want to call that all encompassing powerful and loving energy that wants us to grow, to experience joy and to thrive. All of us.

Getting there from where you are now

You may not be doing what you love right now. Maybe you are in job that you don’t like at all, it doesn’t inspire or excite you and you feel bored. You feel trapped in a life that’s needed to pay the bills.

When you look at the world around you, you may feel powerless and downhearted.  It’s easy to get knocked off balance by being exposed to world news and the suffering and destruction that is going on.

I struggle with the same… but in spite of my frequent straying into the fear zone – it is easy to lose hope sometimes- I have still manifested some amazing things in my life.

I have come to realize that visualisation and knowing where we want to go with the world is the first super important step that leads to inspired action and manifestation.

You probably also know about the manifestation tools & techniques available to you, about the responsive universe, about how we can create our own reality.  But I know personally how difficult it can be to really apply these tools consistently to bring about change, especially when we feel fearful. It’s so easy to get affected by negative news and negative vibes that are all around us.

To help me focus on my vision, on what I do want to manifest in my life, I started writing stories, and later also illustrate them, and I have seen the results of these Dream Stories in my own life.

So I know they work.

By sharing how you can create your own Dream Stories I want to help you to bring about change, to start creating your dream life. To make a difference and to move towards the more beautiful world we all know in our hearts is possible. To manifest a fulfilled and wonderful life, a heart-shaped life, doing what you love every day.

I believe these easy and fun tools can help you to co-create with the universe consistently and be an even more powerful and bright light, and really amplify your manifestation power.

The world needs powerful beaming lights like you

The universe loves everybody wins scenarios. By desiring a beautiful life for yourself, and love and abundance for all, you align yourself with the desire of the universe and you will be so blessed yourself.

So let’s write our stories and dream a beautiful world into being :)

Why do dream stories work?

By going through the 4 step process of creating a Dream Story,
you combine & use some very powerful tools for manifestation:

You get truly clear on what it is your desire – what your heart is longing for
By focusing how positive, exciting, joyful and inspired it will feel to experience that reality, you start to become a powerful magnet for your wishes
By being actively involved in creating a colourful reminder of your wishes, you give further intention and attention to the process
Through seeing & reading your Dream story several times a day, you will be reminded of it often and will keep the manifestation process strong

How to create your dream story

Step 1

Find a sheet of paper or open a blank text editor on your computer, and start painting the picture of your dream with words.  Dream big, dream beautiful. Don’t focus on how it is possible, and whether it is realistic given the current circumstances. Use only positive words, in a dream story there is no space for negative feelings. Put all doubts and fears aside for now, this is dream time, anything is possible.  If you feel doubtful, start your story with; “wouldn’t it be great if….”   Make your story come alive by adding little exciting details, colours, smells, feelings. The most important thing for your story to be effective is that when you read it again, your heart screams YES! you get excited, you feel inspired, your heart swells and you are smiling.  Edit and rewrite until you feel you have got it right for now, you can always change it and rewrite it later. Dreams often evolve and grow as we do :)

Step 2

Use the Dream Story template at the bottom of this page or create your own. Heavier weight paper can be nice, but see what you have available right now. Don’t let anything stop you from moving forward right now, you can always perfect it later. Print or write your story on your sheet. 

Step 3

Make your story beautiful! If you are using one of my black and white templates, get your coloured pencils or markers out and colour the little illustrations. Add  extra details if you feel like it; draw and doodle around your story to make it happy and colourful. Of course you can also create your own illustrations :) There are no rules apart from this guiding principle: the happier and more beautiful your story looks to you, the easier it will be to get excited and inspired when you read your story. 

How to implement your dream story

Have your story in a strategic place. It could be next to your bed, or hang it in your bathroom. Any place where you will regularly come across it and read it at least once a day, if possible more often. This should only take you 5 mins at the most, but these minutes may be the most important investment you make every day :) If possible, you can make several versions and have them in different places. 

Monitor & review  your story every now and then – Check in with yourself after you have read your story. Do you feel excited after reading it? Does your heart make a little happy jump? You are on the right track! If something doesn’t feel right or you dream becomes bigger and better, rewrite your story if necessary, let it evolve if it wants to.

Printable Dream story template

Here is a template to print off and write your dream stories on. I love creating these little drawings, I hope they will illustrate your dreams well and help them come alive.

Download the Dream Story template here. 

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