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How do you deal with fear

how do you deal with fear?

As a collective humanity appears to be facing many of it’s own creations right now.

As I understand it we now need to face these creations so we can move on from them to something else, something that is better and more beautiful for everyone.

Facing our collective creations isn’t very comfortable though. It brings up all sorts of emotions; sadness, anger, fear.

This is my understanding about emotions:

Difficult emotions are not a bad thing, they are simply energy in motion. It is the mind that judges them as negative or positive. Still some emotions promote well-being and growth, while others hold us back.

When emotions are seen as undesirable and we don’t want to feel them, face them or deal with them, they are supressed and this pushes them into the subconsious mind.

They create energy blockages in the body and if this continues long enough, this can manifest in our physical lives as illness.

It is possible to liberate suppressed emotions from your cells, and for this to happen the emotions should be expressed and there must also be acceptance and understanding.

A couple of years ago I was dealing with a lot of grief & sadness from my childhood, a process that happened organically because I had made it clear that I was ready to heal those parts of me. What followed was a period where I felt extremely sad and I cried almost every day.

It was quite a strange experience, and not too comfortable while in it. During that time I was expressing but not always accepting because I was also judging the state I was in.

Looking back from where I am now I could have made things easier for myself by being ok with what was happening.

I feel that a prevailing energy on our planet right now is the energy of fear.

And I think that what someone is exactly fearful of right now depends very much on their personal life experiences and beliefs, whether it’s an illness, the damage done to our planet or increasing limitations, we all seem to be in the boat of fear.

How to best deal with that fear? How to express it in a way that is most helpful?

When we’re angry, we can punch a pillow.

When we are sad, we can cry.

But how do we best move the energy of fear?

How do you deal with fear

For me what I noticed is the first important step is to pause and become fully aware of what is going on.

Often I read something or see something, usually online, that knocks me off balance, and there is an uncomfortable tension in my body.

If I just continue with whatever I’m doing or that’s happening, that feeling just stays with me.

So I’m stopping and saying to myself: there is fear in me.

And I try to locate it and feel where it is and how it feels.

Then I talk to myself in a mothering voice full of compassion in my head; You are in fear, it’s ok. It’s normal to have fear, it’s understandable to have fear.

I try to embrace my little self that is afraid with my higher self, that sees things from a higher perspective and has compassion for the small self that is really fully in the body and in the 3D world and experiencing everything there as very real and potentially threatening.

In the past I used to just feel upset with myself (judge myself) for being in fear, exposing myself to things, or not being beyond the fear.

The shift to self-compassion in these situations has been a really significant change of perspective for me that is very helpful.

So then I just breathe deeply in, and especially out! a few times.

What also helps me is to just lie down for 5 minutes to give myself the chance to recalibrate and come back to a better place.

It doesn’t sound like rocket science but my experience has been that there are small subtle things that can be done that really help, but my impression is that we rarely give ourselves the moment to do something with the feeling and try to just crack on.

But this just carries those energies into whatever I’m doing next, my family life, my work, my communication, and it’s pretty clear to me that that is not helping me in having a beautiful day and uplifting connections with the world around me.

Of course I’m still a student on this path and I often catch myself not doing “the right thing for me”, but I’m hopeful that I am getting better and better at this and have started healing and releasing fears that are inside of me, which I believe not only helps me but also contributes to a world where instead of fear trust, love and acceptance are the dominant energies.

What are your thoughts on this?

How do you process fear?

What do you think are healthy ways of expressing, releasing and accepting fear?


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