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A conversation with Mary Lunnen

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In this interview I chat with Mary Lunnen about her work and life as an introvert, what introversion is in its essence and how it relates to HSP and empaths. We explore our journeys of discovering that we are maybe different or respond differently than other people in some ways, and how we find our way in life that suits our needs. We also talk about self-acceptance, and what online communities and support groups can do for introverted and more sensitive people.  

Mary Lunnen

Mary Lunnen lives near the dramatic coast of North Cornwall, in the far south west of the UK, with her husband and two cats. Her passion is helping people find their way home to themselves and rediscover their inner wisdom. She does this through her Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards, a simple format with a single word and a colour. A powerful tool that brings people back into conversation with their own truth, to rediscover their inner wisdom. Alongside the cards, Mary is a Magic Carpet Guide – taking people on guided visualisations, one to one and in the small groups she runs regularly spanning six weeks of weekly Zoom calls.

Mary draws inspiration from her love of the sea and countryside around her home, which she explores in photography and art. She began her own journey of coming home after a diagnosis of cancer in 1994 which sparked reflective journaling that grew into five published books and contributions to several others.

Some of Mary’s publications:

– Flying in the Face of Fear – Surviving Cervical Cancer 1998 (out of print but available secondhand online)
– Dare to Blossom – Coaching and Creativity 2008
– Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards 2013 (only available direct from Mary)
– The Dare to Blossom Rediscovery Cards Companion Guide 2016
– The Powerful Voice of the Quiet Ones: Reflections on an introvert’s life 2020
– Mary has been a contributing author to several other books, including three volumes of the 365 Series.
– She was also commissioned to write Cervical Cancer – The Essential Guide 2010, with an updated edition in 2018, by need2know books.

photo of Mary by Poppy Jakes

Mary’s links:

Mary’s  6 week program ‘Welcome in Change’ 

Connect with Mary on Social Media :  

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“This is what I know: Remarkable things emerge from the smallest, most ordinary circumstances – from taking note and then taking action.”

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