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Connecting with Light &Love 

You are a spark from the Infinite.

Connecting with light & love through your imagination is very powerful.

I used to think differently. How can just imagining things really do something? That’s all in my imagination! 

But now I realize imagination is where it all starts. We create our own reality with our thoughts, with what we focus on. There is only a fine line between imagination and intuitive messages. Divinity uses our imagined surroundings and space to come through and give us guidance, ideas and hints.

This is what the guides and angels of light, as channeled by Melanie Beckler, have to say about it, I share more about this book lower down the page. 

There is much talk in your realm these days about technology, and many of you would consider yourselves technologically advanced. But there is always room for growth. So we wish to draw your attention to the miraculous technology of your body, which science is barely beginning to understand. The technology of your heart when opened, when centered, allows you to connect beyond the physical realm, to connect with your light in the realm of spirit. Indeed, you are aware that you are a physical being, yes. Yet you are also spirit and source. When you use the advanced technology of your heart to open, to feel, to commune with the Divine, you make the great power of your open heart available to you always.”

~ Melanie Beckler |  Channeling the Guides and Angels of Light

I have noticed that the higher my vibration, the lighter and better I feel, the stronger my imaginative powers are and the stronger I feel  the effects of  light, love and healing flowing through me. 

Before you continue reading the rest of this page…

It’s important to keep in mind that connecting with Divine Light & Love is a very personal thing. I am sharing here with you what worked for me, but I think you will find that very quickly it evolves into your own unique practice, that works for you.  The suggestions here are to help you get started, and things will start flowing from there!

A quick word on the benefits …

During your heart connection time you can consciously connect with (Divine) light and love, and also with the loving and healing energies of the earth to help you raise your vibration.  This may sound new age, and I guess it is  –  we’re entering a new age for humanity, a time where the linear, masculine, corporate way of doing things is gradually balanced with a more feminine approach. Living from your heart, aligned with your purpose and with love and positivity you are immensely powerful to bring about what you desire deep in your heart.

By consciously connecting with love and light, by opening your heart to these qualities, they can flow into your life and bring you the many blessings that are waiting and ready for you. Doing this not only makes you feel calmer and happier, it also raises your vibration, your energy frequency, so you can more easily access your inner guidance, your higher self, and the inspiration, ideas and suggestions it has for you.

How to start connecting with Divine Light & Love 

 As with a basic meditation, you first make yourself comfortable in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Take a few deep breaths and center yourself by consciously feeling your body, becoming aware of how it feels.

You can let your awareness gently descend from your head down into your body, like you are travelling through your body slowly,  going down along your neck into your chest, like you are on an elevator, meeting and greeting your body parts, feeling if there is any tension that you can let go of, travelling down till your toes, and then back up again, into your heart chakra area.

This is in the center of your chest, at the height of your heart. Now you could say, out loud or in your mind, something like: “I connect with Divine Light and love, and I open my heart to Divine Light and love of creator, of Source, of God” (use whatever feels best for you).

Imagine your heart opening, you could imagine it having doors that swing open wide, or that your heart is a big flower that opens, or something similar that works for you.

In your heart there is a light, imagine it starts shining brighter as you focus on opening your heart. It starts overflowing from your heart area into your body, down into your belly, into your legs, to your feet. From your legs, roots of light start to flow down into the earth, all the way to the core of earth, where you meet another bright glowing light, the light of Gaia, Mother Earth.

These lights connecting strengthens and brightens both your lights, and now this light energy flows up into your body, into your heart area, further strengthening and brightening your heart light.

Now imagine from above your head, there is a beautiful glowing star of loving bright Divine light, gently beaming down until it reaches your crown. This light flows into your body, connecting with the light that’s already in your heart and flowing and shining in your body, brightening and strengthening your light even more.

Imagine you are now a conduit between the light and healing energy of the earth, and the Divine light and love of Source, and this connection multiplies and brightens all the light and love immensely.

Your heart and whole body are now shining so brightly, your light is overflowing from your body into the space around you. You can stay in this bright state for a while if you like. You can focus your intention on this light revitalizing your whole being, cleansing and nurturing all the cells that make up your body, releasing and cleansing any tension or stress that may be there.

And any thoughts or experiences that no longer serve you, can also be transformed into this light energy.

After this you might want to imagine your light overflowing into your room, your whole house, into your garden, into the town or village where you live, filling the whole of your country, mountains, valleys, all burrow and homes until the whole planet is one big shining bright light, sending light out into the cosmos. 

You could end your practice by thanking Earth and the Divine for their light and love, and by asking to for a protective bubble of light to stay with you, to stay around you the whole day. This bubble lets love and light flow through to you, but deflects any negative energies, and helps you stay in a high vibe state throughout your day.

A few more words about Melanie Beckler’s book
‘Channeling the guides and angels of light’

I highly recommend reading this particular e-book with these messages when you start with this kind of inner sacred work  of connecting with your inner light, and Divine light & Love.

I have read many, many books and also come across many channeled sources.  When I come across something that feels very high vibe to me, and free from any personal agenda or ego, I pay attention. This little book almost feels like a manual for a heart-shaped life to me, it not only touches on meditation, stillness and connecting with the Divine, but also on finding your joy and sharing your gifts.

Melanie has generously made her book available for free, so anyone can benefit from these messages. The messages, like many channeled sources, are said to carry a special frequency, helping you in lifting your vibration.

As a bonus, they don’t only talk about connecting with light and love, they also tell you that living your purpose, doing what you love and feeling good is super important – for you and for creating the beautiful world we all dream about. Lower down this page I share more about this book and how you can get hold of a (digital) copy.

Here I share more about this book and how you can download it.

Download the Meditation Calendar:

Creating new habits can be challenging, but the secret is sticking to something for 30 days in a row, so that it can become part of your daily routine. You can use the inner calm printable below to help you tick off 30 days and create a new habit that will support you in almost all areas of your life!

Colour version

Black & white version
for colouring yourself

Affirmation and loving reminder card 

Download and print this little card and hang it somewhere you’ll see it often. This image will remind you of your loving commitment to yourself, to your inner peace and your well-being. It will help you make it happen and put a smile on your face ♥


There is a black and white version that you can colour yourself – or a colour version that is ready to go:


Colour version

Black & white version
for colouring yourself

your next step:  creating & visiting your heart sanctuary

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