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carving out space and time in a full life

carving out space and time in a full life

I’ve recently started making an early morning walk a habit again, with a notebook in my pocket. We need to walk the dog anyway, and although this was something our daughter was doing, HAVING to go out makes sticking to that much easier.

This photo was taken during one of my morning walks, we’ve had the first snow last week and most of it disappeared rapidly apart from in some north-facing cold pockets in the landscape.

After a few chaotic weeks where my energy and attention was pulled in all directions (and not the most uplifting ones), I decided to become more intentional again.

Lately while the chaos was happening I had gone more with the flow, not setting an alarm clock but just getting up when I would wake naturally and let things unfold organically. Although this is maybe good to do when things are intense, I found that for me it means not much gets done apart from getting through the day and dealing with the most necessary.

I’ve started setting an alarm again quite early now and also started my meditation practice again, as one of the first things I do. Getting up early has been easy on some days, but not so easy on others. I wake up frequently around 2 or 3am and am sometimes awake for a while. When I finally fall asleep again the alarm comes while I am still in deep sleep cycle. But in any case, it did feel good to have more time in my day.

Over the last weeks I’ve spent quite a bit of time reflecting on all the things I am doing in my life.

– I’m a mother, and I am a homeschooling mother too. It means I don’t have set times when I can easily work uninterrupted + I have the responsibilty of supporting my daughter in her learning. I believe it is important for our young minds to be nurtured so they can continue to be the creative and out of the box thinkers that they are born to be and to me homeschooling offers the best environment to make that happen here.

– I have some wellbeing routines that are helping me to be resilient; I create herbal teas from herbs I have gathered for the whole family and a raw ginger/kombucha drink, I picked up meditation again and do back exercises every day.

– I run my own business in webdesign which needs my attention too – our business gives us the opportunity to work with amazing people and brings us income in a flexible way, working from home. That is obviously important.

– I have a big garden and I grow veggies and flowers. Our heating is on firewood so keeping the house comfortable and warm involves a lot more that pressing a few buttons. This more simple and self-sufficient life style gives a lot of joy and healthy food but is also a lot of work

– I live in a (eco-) community here, and there are lots of lovely things happening and opportunities to be involved with positive change-making projects all the time. Living in this way was a dream since my early twenties and I believe community is the future.

– I am highly sensitive and introverted so I need quiet time and time alone to recharge and function properly

– of course there is the household things… cooking, cleaning, washing. I’m not a very tidy person and don’t need things to be magazine style clean and perfect but when things look messy I don’t enjoy that so my home and how it feels is important to me.

Next to all these things that are important for me, I also need an abundance of time for Heart-shaped life, the online community I’m hosting and creating. it is very close to my heart. To take it to the next level I need time and space to create, to write, to reflect, and to start sharing my voice and spreading the word.

It’s funny because in a way I have created my own heart-shaped life which means my life is very full, and now I struggle with carving out time for everything…

Thinking about all the things I’m doing with my life, I feel they are all significant and important, and a lot of them to me feel like they are creating positive change in the world or are nurturing my life.

So how to choose? How to magically create more time?

It is something I am wondering about right now…

I have considered starting journaling again too, to hopefully get some insights. But of course this also costs time.

For now I have decided to ask for guidance, and to especially listen for guidance on what to do each day, even if only one thing, to help me move forward. During my morning walk I have my notebook ready to write down any ideas or insights on what to do next. I hope things will naturally unfold this way…

How do you prioritize what you spend your time on?

Have you learnt ways to magically create more time in your days for things that are important?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Please leave a comment below …


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