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Hi,  and welcome!  to this Heart-Shaped Life interview series : )

In a heart-shaped life, you follow your heart to create a life of joy, balance and presence, doing what you love every day. We’re all in different stages on our journey of creating a life we really love. And I believe we all have valuable experiences and wisdom to share.

So in these interviews I’m chatting with some amazing souls that are leading life from their hearts. And I hope these conversations inspire you to also take big bold steps towards your own heart-shaped life.

This interview is with Caroline Palmy

Caroline is all about the Heart. She is a Speaker, Healer and Author based in beautiful Switzerland, I love seeing the gorgeous pictures she shares of her walks in the stunning Swiss countryside. Caroline specializes in helping women journey from Low Self Worth to Full Self Love.  In our interview she shares how she started her own business, and over the years followed more and more her intuition, stepping into her own power, and into who she really is, so she can share her gifts and help others heal. 

Hi Caroline, please tell us about what you do and what you love :)

I am an Author and Heart Flow Healer, I am also a single Mom to three grown kids (22, 18 and 15) , I love to spend time in nature, go on hikes with my Golden Retriever, connect to the Universe and allowing myself to simply be, enjoy the moment.

When did you start running your very first business, and what was it?

I started 5 years ago, it was all about proven healing techniques, like Pranic healing and EFT.

How did you transition from employment to running your own biz? Did you fully quit your job? Did you gradually transition in to it?

I was a full time Mom before, going through a divorce, and I transitioned gradually, learning new stuff, and creating my business, while still looking after my children, the older they grew the more expansive my business grew too.

How did things evolve from your first business activities to where you are now?

Oh it was funny, while I started off with ‘proven’ stuff, like PranicHealing  and EFT, I soon found myself restricted by the healing protocols I needed to follow in pranic healing, my intuition lead me different ways,  I saw in one instance, that I needed to shower my client with rose petals for example. (that is in no pranic healing protocol)

I also connected deeper and more with the angels, and did several angel healing courses and coaching programs, so I progressed into Angelic Healing, making it more public that I work with Angels, so away from the ‘safe’ and ‘proven’ healing.

Later I realised though That I was still hiding, hiding behind the Angels this time, and I knew I needed to step up, and I became Caroline the Heart Flow Healer, bringing my clients back into the flow of love and their heart space. Yes the Angels are still working with me and through me, and yes what I learned in pranic healing I am still using…., I am more public.

And I am going through a next step as we speak, my business is called Palmy Healing, and now I know I need to create a Caroline Palmy space, Caroline the Author, Speaker and Teacher and Healer, so Palmy Healing is still part of it, though as an Author and Speaker I am Caroline Palmy.

In a way we keep stepping more and more into ourselves over time.

Was it clear for you from a young age what you wanted to do for a living, what would bring you joy and give your life purpose, or has it evolved over time?

As a child I wanted to become a Doctor, I wanted to heal and help people. I never studied medicine, I am not good at learning by heart…., only recently I realised that by being a Healer I was actually doing my childhood dream job, healing people, what I always wanted to do. Sometimes we take side roads to arrive at the right destination, and as a child of course I had no idea about healing, so Doctor was what I thought I wanted to become.

Are you introverted or extraverted, when did you realize this? 

Introverted, big time. I had no idea about this for a very long time, only a couple of years ago I realised, oh I am an introvert, oh that explains things. I even wrote a blog post about how it feels to be an introvert in an extroverted world.

I was always exhausted in large groups of people, I was always exhausted after shopping, I creaved alone time, I loved to be in nature, for the longest time I felt something is wrong with me, especially as my sisters and Mom are extroverted and never understood me.

I was so happy to learn more about introverts and learning that there is nothing wrong with me, I am happy on my own, I am happy in nature and I crave quiet me time, after being among people, and I plan this in, especially after big workshops or events.

Are you highly sensitive or highly empathic, and when did you realize this?  

I think I am both, not so sure about the difference. I am very sensitive, and an empath.

Again for a long time I felt something was wrong with me…., story of my life it seems.

During one of my pranic healing courses, I felt cramping pains in my belly, I felt no it is not my time for my monthly, and it was very weird. Later another participant had to lie down because she had serious period cramps, and I go, wait a moment, why do I feel her pain….,

Yes “being sensitive, too sensitive” , having heard I needed to toughen up all my life, and then realising that it turns out to be the biggest gift, is amazing. I realised that day, that I can sense into my clients, and that I can feel their pain and things that hold them back.

Learning to differentiate between what is me, and what is from someone else is great, I used to get into restaurants and was angry all of a sudden, had no idea why, I just picked up on the energy.

How does your unique personality (like your introversion or being an empath) influence your life and how you run your business?

Being an Empath is my greatest asset as a healer, I can deeply feel into my clients pain and hurt.

As an introvert I schedule extra me time after big events, and yes having my daily walks in nature to recharge have become a wonderful habit.

Do you use your intuition in your business, when and how did you start using it and what were your experiences and your results?

I am using my intuition daily, especially during healing work, I am guided all the way. I sense things, and I trust my guidance.

As mentioned above I used to follow strict protocol, and I had my intuition jump in and guiding me towards other ways. So I started to trust my intuition more and adapted my healing more towards angelic healings where my intuition guided me fully, and then onto Heart Flow Healing, where I just intuitively picked up what needed to be addressed during a healing session.

Nowadays I fully trust my intuition and follow on it’s nudges. I am open to what is coming, I am not following a strict routine, I am flexible and in the flow.

My results are that my clients have the best healing they can have, that they get what they need in each moment, and that we can heal things, they were not necessarily aware they had, or was blocking them.

Have you experimented with using energy work or work on your own mindset to help you grow your business and to attract clients?

I love energy work, I clear my energy daily, I have some rituals before I go to bed. And I love Karina Ladet’s work. I have started to work on my mindset, though I am so much more of a feeling guided person, and more attuned to my emotions than my mind. I love work with Rachel Hanson, and tapping on my limiting beliefs, this has freed up some Abundance issues I faced.

If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself, what would you do differently?

My advice would be, just keep going, it will all be ok. Don’t make it so hard on yourself, and be gentle compassionate and loving towards yourself. Stop listening to your inner critic, bloom as the unique flower you are.

Differently, nothing, it is all part of who I am now, all the experiences, I know life happens FOR me, never to me. So all is well, and I am right where I need to be in this moment, thanks to all the experiences.

What has been your most significant insight for your heart-shaped business in the past year?

I realised, that all I ever need to be is ME.

If I share my way with all the love from my heart, with joy and playfully I reach my clients. I always thought others know better, and I tried to do it their way, and it never truly worked, I have found MY way, and I am deeply happy.

What are your top tips for people embarking right now on creating their heart-shaped life (making a living doing what they love)

Do your own thing, do what brings joy to your heart, remember you know best!

Do you have any daily or weekly routines, habits or rituals that really help you in your life and business?

Every evening, I cut all cords, send back what is not mine and call back what is mine, I clear my energy and use violet light to clear my bed and bedroom, so I can have a restful sleep

Grounding daily, walking barefoot, or imagine roots growing out of my soles, as I can easily fly with the angels, though being grounded arriving in this physical world was not always so easy. We need that groundedness to bring our ideas and our heart shaped business to fruition.

What books have made a major difference for you in your life or business?

I love Eat Prey Love I learned so much about Love, and coming back to myself.

Caroline Palmy

Who inspire you? Who do you follow?

Wayne Dyer, I know he passed into the light, though his wisdom is amazing.

Abraham Hicks, teaching of Abraham Hicks, all about being in the right energy.

Marianne Williamson, healing your love story.

Neale Donald Walsh, amazing, compassionate speaker and teacher of love.

Karina Ladet, she is an amazing inspiration to entrepreneurs.

Rachel Hanson, gorgeous lady, helping you to release your blocks around abundance.

What is next for you and your business?

– Stepping up and showing myself as Caroline Palmy , no more hiding

– Being the Author, Speaker and Teacher and Healer

– Writing my 3rd book

 What have you created that can help us on our journey of creating our heart-shaped life?

I have created a Fun Quiz where you can test how you are doing regarding your Self Love – are you a self-love Princess, Lady or Goddess? Are you looking after yourself well or can you still improve?

You’ll find Caroline’s Self-Love Quiz here:

Caroline Palmy

Caroline is Speaker, Healer and Author based in Switzerland. She works both locally and internationally with women to help them journey from Low Self Worth to Full Self Love.  She's written two books where she shares from her heart about the struggles and transformation she experienced herself, and with her wisdom inspires others to do the same.  She works with clients 1 : 1 and also offers Free Support in her  Openhearted Sisterhood Facebook Group.


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