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We love holding space for you in our Circle!


I’m a fellow traveler on the way back to love with big dreams for the world! I love bringing people and ideas together to inspire & nurture heart-shaped change. I’m an ecologist turned web & graphic designer and homeschooling mum of a spirited flower fairy. I’m from the Netherlands but live in Bulgaria where I Co-founded an eco community in a small village surrounded by wild nature.


Here to learn more about myself and life. Quietly happy, I like to see silver linings. I’m an economist that became a web designer as part of my journey to freedom, simple abundance is my big passion.  I’m homeschooling father with Helena and passionate about music and our Earth home.


I am a dreamer of big dreams and delight in supporting others to dream big dreams, too. I believe in my heart that we now have the opportunity to create the World of Our Dreams whatever that may mean to you. To me, it means a World of Love, Peace, Harmony, Ecology, Sustainability and above all Opportunity for everyone. I suppose you would say I fell with the Hippy ideals as a young girl and they have never left me.

I’m author of The Sacred Order of the Magi, a channeled book that is in the process of becoming a movie.


I am an Elder. Mother. Grandmother. Artist. Writer. Coach.

That’s a lot of labels!

Dedicated to being all that I can be to bring all that is mine to offer in service, for the greater good of all.


My name is Flora, I am a Vibrational Alchemist. I provide personal and spiritual support through various modalities.

I am a Human Being. creating my own Earth experience. A lover of ALL, connected to past, present, and future ancestors for inner wisdom, to support this journey.

Reminding you to breathe into YOUR TRUTH and remember why you came here. TO LOVE THYSELF and LIVE INTO YOUR TRUTH

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