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heart-shaped life is about creating the life you love andmaking a difference with that

What if you didn’t need to think about the how?

What if the how will be taken care of,  if all you need to know and care about is
what you truly desire 
and what kind of world you’d like to live in?

the heart-shaped life is about creating a beautiful life for yourself and a better world also for everyone else

you know you’d like to go to a better place…

The more beautiful world we all know is possible, but how to get there from here, from where we are?

How can we reset or change our  own mindset? How can we change our political systems, our governing systems, the way we treat the planet and all life on it?

We know we want to go somewhere else, we just don’t know how, we’re paralyzed by the immense proportions of the task. We are also bogged down by the negativity that is fed to us by the media every day…

and it just seems impossible to even start…

i believe we live in a magical responsive universe

But what if you didn’t need to think about the how? What if the how will be taken care of for you, all you need to know and care about is what you truly desire, and what kind of world you’d like to live in?

I believe we live in a magical responsive universe. I believe we create our own reality with our thoughts and ideas and dreams.

I believe that  just knowing  and imagining the kind of world you’d like to live in is one of the most important steps. By focusing your attention on that picture, that vision, you will attract it like a magnet, and you will get ideas and inspiration that will get you there.  And I believe you co-create this beautiful future by doing more of what you love, what gets you excited, by following your passion. The universe is endlessly creative and will give you ideas on how you can use you passions & talents to create everybody wins situations for all life on this beautiful planet. As long as you are clear about what you desire, and you keep your vibes positive as much as possible, there is only one possibility: manifestation of your deepest wishes.

what you’ll find here:

 uplifting & inspiring space

My intention is to create a healing, uplifting & inspiring space,  a place to turn to when you feel out of balance because of the situation in the world, through world news, by new political developments, by things that are happening in your own life and immediate environment.

I plan to share positive uplifting information and articles, comforting messages, music and videos, and little exercises and activities that help you return to balance, love and a positive vibe. I would like this website to be a place where you can recharge your inner well with the beauty and energy of nature. Go to uplifting & inspiring to see more.

tools & techniques for manifestation

I’ll share tools & techniques that help you to actively create your dream life and world.

I will share how I believe  you can co-create the beautiful world and the beautiful life your heart longs for. There are simple and fun activities that are effective in creating your desired reality, for yourself and for the planet and humanity.

I have used these simple and fun techniques  in my own life for years, and amazing things have manifested for me, so I know they work! The most important tool is the dream story, so that is a great place to start.

hello, nice to meet you :)

I’m Helena, I live in a beautiful small village surrounded by wild nature, with my little girl and soul mate Dave, and we are very happy to share our life with many like-minded friends and families here in the village.

I work as graphic and webdesigner at Websites with a Heart,  I help lovely women all over the world with their branding and website, and I have also developed the Divine DIY Website pack that empowers heart centered souls to create website magic themselves with my support.

I am so very grateful that I can do the work I love and live the life of my dreams every day, and I wish the same for you!  So let’s make it happen :)

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