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2020 Video Visioning Journey – join us !

2020 Video Visioning Journey – join us !

We invite you to spend a few moments dreaming with us . What we focus on together Grows and becomes Stronger, and our Intention creates Reality. Our shared enthusiasm, our happy anticipation and that feeling of YES! works like a magnet and creates reality!

Field Guide To Now – Christina Rosalie

Field Guide To Now – Christina Rosalie

Christina’s writings are like poetry, and her observations of her world delicate and raw at the same time. She reminds us that now is where the beauty is found, now is the moment to pay attention, now is the moment to take action, to continue on that journey of creating your heart-shaped life.

Angela Maree’s Heart-shaped Life

Angela Maree’s Heart-shaped Life

We talk about her journey of self-love and healing, and how that helped her business evolve and grow. We also discuss using your intuition in your biz, how being an introvert and empath shapes how she does business, and her top tips for creating a Biz and Life from your Heart.

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